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Wes Blaney - Architect

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Weston Blaney is a Designer and Senior Project Manager who specializes in sustainable design and development on the Revit platform. He also spends his time in construction management, design, and the coordination and creation of drawings.

Wes received an undergraduate degree in architecture from Miami University, completing his studies at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Consortium administered by Virginia Tech. Wes later received his Master’s of Architecture from Virginia Tech through the same Consortium. Throughout his time in the metropolitan Washington, DC area, Wes worked closely with many of the foremost thinkers in sustainable design, including William Reed and Kendall Wilson, creating dynamic office, retail and restaurant spaces.

Known for his expertise with building codes and his knowledge on a breadth of design and development topics, he believes that architecture, when carefully considered, can create sacred spaces through a fusion of art, environment, and technology.