Scott Perez

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Scott Perez joins Carson Design Associates as an Architect, responsible for reviewing and overseeing all architectural projects in the Indianapolis office. Prior to Carson Design Associates, Scott served as an architectural consultant for code analysis and review, as well as the Indiana Building Law Compliance Officer with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security for two years.

Scott received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Architectural Studies and Master’s of Architecture from the University of Illinois, followed by his MBA from Butler University. Two of Scott’s proudest moments of his career have been designing the West Side Technical Institute for the City Colleges of Chicago, and developing the Faris II Campus (Meridian Center for Rolls Royce) for Eli Lilly in Indianapolis.

What excites Scott most about his contribution to the Carson Design Associates team is using his problem solving skills to approach new and challenging opportunities. As a certified California Safety Assessment Program Inspector with additional trainings from FEMA for hardening buildings to mitigate terrorist activities, Scott brings a unique set of skills to the Carson Design team.

Outside of work, you can find Scott exploring new places and making memories with his family, or helping children cope with traumatic experiences as a member of the Murat Shrine and Associate Member of the Board of Governors for the Shrine’s Children’s Hospital of Cincinnati.