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How to Select Practical Seating Options for Your Workspace

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Selecting office seating seems simple enough, right? While chairs themselves might not be complicated, there are many factors to consider when selecting the right fit for employees. We here at Carson Design Associates regularly work with clients to select the best and most practical seating options for their needs — helping them consider multiple elements

5 Tips + Tricks for Using Color in Social Workspaces

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Previously in this space, we discussed five ways to use color in your personal workspaces. Now let’s turn our attention to the social work environment. While color in a personalized setting can help create a space that’s your own, color in the social sphere seeks to make you feel like part of a community. Past generations

PROJECT FEATURE: Lockerbie Lofts Multi-Family Housing

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Carson Design Associates and TWG—an Indianapolis-based real estate development company specializing in commercial, market rate, affordable, and senior housing developments—recently wrapped up their project on the new Lockerbie Lofts. Situated on the corner of E. Michigan Street and N. College Avenue in the historic Lockerbie District, Lockerbie Lofts offers 215 multi-family housing units, ground floor