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How to Prepare Your Workplace for Generation Z

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From Boomers to GenXers to Millennials and Gen Zers, each new generation enters the workforce with their own set of workplace design and cultural expectations — based on their unique opportunities and challenges. Today, Generation Z steps into the workforce, bringing a whole new way of thinking about the design of an office environment. How

The Power of Natural Light in the Workplace

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Studies continue to show that sunshine and natural light in the workplace are vital to the overall health and well-being of employees. Artificial light and lack of windows increase stress levels, negatively impact sleep and heighten the chance of depression, and research shows that physical work environment leads the way to employees feeling happy at

5 Tips + Tricks for Using Color in Social Workspaces

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Previously in this space, we discussed five ways to use color in your personal workspaces. Now let’s turn our attention to the social work environment. While color in a personalized setting can help create a space that’s your own, color in the social sphere seeks to make you feel like part of a community. Past generations