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How Technology is Enhancing the Design Process

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The following content originated from an April 2019 presentation by Jack Carson, president of the Carson Design Associates Texas office, at the Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning Guest Lecture Series.

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We pride ourselves on our technology here at Carson Design Associates. It not only acts as a tool to demonstrate our abilities, but as a foundational element which helps us stand above the rest in our industry. But we also understand that no amount of cutting-edge technology could ever take the place of genuine concern for a client’s circumstances. And so we also pride ourselves on our ability to treat each client with professionalism and a creative excitement—through effective streamlining of the process by using top-tier technology.

We’ve often heard it said design can only function based on the 3-legged stool approach. The model says you can only choose two of the three legs: low cost, quick timeline, or high quality. You can have a low cost with a quick timeline, but poor quality, or a quick timeline and high quality, but with a high price tag. Or you can have high quality at a low cost, but it won’t be quick. While this model appears to make sense, we refused to accept that as truth.

How Technology is Enhancing the Design Process - Three-Legged Stool

Our approach, through effective harnessing of technology, is to ensure that all three elements are made possible without any one of them having to suffer.

  • With cost, we have detailed communication with minimal effort. We are able to propose 2D and 3D test fits to clients and provide them with more information upfront on a proposed project at low cost, which in turn gives clients deeper insight into possibilities for their space. Our proprietary life cycle cost analysis software allows us to create an extremely accurate forecast of long-term maintenance and replacement costs.
  • With quick timelines, we provide a rapid response with more iterations. If possible, our team keeps designing even when we get to the construction phase in order to keep the process moving steadily along. Our unique technology includes computer modeling, detailed renderings, and facility management/coordination to help our team foreshadow plans as they keep moving and save time and energy.
  • With quality, we seek to develop informed and intentional designs. Our technology allows us to store vast amounts of data on square footage, furniture, materials, and design elements in order to create sustainable, high quality future spaces that are not only creative but also unique to the client’s needs and desires.

Technology enables our team to work from more iterations and with more detail. Our automated databases help us create iterations that would otherwise have been thrown out potentially too early in the process. We like to come to clients with multiple ideas on how we can make their space work for them. The more time we spend designing and understanding need, the lower the risk for low thought tasks and human error.

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With Carson Design Associates, we seek to first understand the client’s circumstances and needs as we recognize that no technology could ever replace the importance people play in a successful design execution. We value highly functional, great looking, professional environments and employ a well-defined process that is collaborative, sustainable and comfortable for everyone involved.

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