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Hope and Healing through Purposeful Living

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Here at Carson Design, we provide many opportunities for our employees to get involved with serving in our community. There is a profound belief that we can make a difference in our world when serving together. We have team members who have been well connected with organizations for some time, and in other instances, we have incredible opportunities dropped in our lap.

This was the case for Purposeful Living Inc.

What is Purposeful Living?

Purposeful living is a faith-based, non-profit organization based in Fishers, Indiana, and committed to serving the modern women in the greater Indianapolis community. These are women who look like they have it all together, but behind closed doors are hurting or lonely. This organization develops events, growth groups, and coaching to walk alongside women and encourage them to be all they were created to be: peaceful, joyful, and authentic.


Their coaching offers support with business, kids, marriage struggles, and so much more. Trained coaches act as female mentors and meet bi-weekly for a period of 10 weeks to help navigate life’s ups and downs.


Their workshops are smaller, one-time events focused on specific topics, like healing, time management, boundaries, and growth. These groups meet for a few hours to encourage and learn from one another.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are a mix between support groups and life groups. Leaders host a space and Purposeful Living provides curriculum. These groups meet each month and have a wide variety of specialties, such as groups for parents of children with special needs, or groups focusing on boundaries.

Care Teams

Care Teams are dedicated to pouring into other women through encouragement, resources, meals, and services. Through partnerships, they can offer services like babysitting, cleaning, meal trains, running errands, rides to appointments, or encouragement through cards and gift baskets.

This unique and devoted attention to caring for women in need is helping to create a ripple effect that will not only impact change in this state, but the world at large.

Why are We Partnering with Them?

This focus on empowering women to heal and become their best self is incredibly important. Many of our team members have family and friends who struggle with mental illness, hurt or abuse. We’ve seen this hurt played out in painful ways and know many of these women need a direct line to a team that has their best interest in mind. We believe Purposeful Living has the right perspective and is making a direct impact on women in our community. We are choosing to partner with them to bring awareness to Indianapolis women so they can find help and drive awareness to the Indianapolis community for additional support.

As a company whose primary mission is centered around service, we want to hear more about other organizations you might know of that we should look into when serving the wider community. If you have suggestions or thoughts, feel free to contact us.

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