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How Artwork Can Affect Your Workplace

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These days, more and more artwork dresses the walls of corporate offices, adding greater beauty and sophistication to the corporate landscape. But more than that, the addition of artwork offers businesses the proven power to boost productivity, lower stress and increase wellbeing in the workplace.

The Power of Art

A batch of research indicates enriching a space with color and art leads to happier and more productive workers.

Forbes reported a study by Exeter University’s School of Psychology that found employees who were involved in the design and layout of their workplace were healthier, happier and 32 percent more productive.

A follow-up study looked at four various designs in the workplace:

  1. Lean: Bare and functional
  2. Enriched: Decorated with plants, photos and art
  3. Empowered: Allowing individual workers to design the area
  4. Disempowered: Managers redesigned a space that individual workers initially decided upon.

The study concluded that employees working in enriched spaces that were decorated intentionally with art and plants were 17 percent more productive than those in lean spaces.

Finally, a survey done by the Business Committee for the Arts and the International Association for Professional Art Advisors found that the majority of workers agree that art in the workplace reduces stress (78% agree), increases creativity (64% agreed) and encourages expression of opinions (77% agreed).

The Placement of Art

So where to put all this artwork? At Carson Design Associates, we spend time with each of our clients developing a creative brief and getting to know their preferences and opinions when it comes to creating a new work environment for them. The art and design we select then reflects who they are and how they work.

Traditionally, it is common to place art in the lobby/reception area and entryway, boardrooms, bathrooms, and anywhere visitors or clients tend to wait for staff. However, there are several ways to get creative with adding art into the workplace, while also being mindful of the specific team of people who are working in this space every day.

1. Art as Branding

Art can be an amazing way to capture your company’s brand values and roots. Incorporating historical photos of your founders, city, or communities you serve not only adds art to your office space, but helps tell the story of your company. Additionally, curated art can speak to your values through specific colors, design and imagery, making them more present throughout your office space to your employees and customers.

2. Art as Wayfinding

If you have a large workspace, art can be used in fun ways to help employees and guests find their way throughout your space. For example, this could include using art to theme conference rooms or signal the location of community spaces.

3. Art as a Way to Support Local

To add variety to your office, engage your employees and support your local community, your business can create a gallery wall as a place for local artists to display their work for a specific timeframe.

4. Art as Retention

We’ve discussed how art can increase productivity, well-being and creativity, as well as improving staff retention. Employees want to work in a space that makes them feel comfortable, safe and welcomed. Art does this and more, inspiring employees to fulfill on their potential, leading to higher rates of retention, especially for small businesses.

. . .

At Carson Design Associates, we aim to help clients feel more comfortable, creative and productive at work, which means we believe greatly in the power of art in the workplace. As art becomes a key consideration for our work in office design, we’d like to challenge you to take a look around your space. Is there any opportunity to add more art to your workplace?

If so, we’d be happy to help you start the conversation. Reach out to us here, we look forward to meeting you!

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