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Using Test Fits to Reduce the Risk of Relocation

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For many businesses, signing a lease agreement can be an intimidating process. Is the space too big? Too small? Will it fit the requirements? At Carson Design Associates, we prepare test fits, helping to put our clients at ease by ensuring a potential space will effectively serve their needs and their budget.

Last year, we began a partnership with a national insurance solutions provider in which we perform such test fit evaluations for all of their new locations. Follow along as we walk through our space planning process with this client.

Surveying the Space

Each time the firm wants to relocate or open a new location they typically identify one to three spaces to consider. We come in at the front end of the process and send them a custom site selection survey to complete after touring each suite with their broker.

Typically, these surveys begin with the basics — name, building address, and rentable versus useable square feet — and then move into specific details that help paint a picture of the space — such as new versus existing office, requests for existing CAD files, location and accessibility of entrances, and technology requirements.

The responses to these surveys aid us in determining which space best fits their needs and budget.

Test Fitting the Space

From here, we assess the space — looking at the overall size, offices enclosed, break rooms, reception area, open spaces, plumbing, etc. — and compare it against the list of specific needs for each location to start placing zones based on their intended use.

We then use our Revit® software to digitally place — à la “test fit” — all space requirements and furnishings into the space to determine the best space for the next location. We also include circulation plans indicating how people move throughout the space. Our document set includes interior details for each area and furniture, equipment and hardware plans.

Finally, we present our space plan to the client for review and, upon approval, to the architect and local project management team to create construction drawings and apply for permits.

Using Test Fits to Reduce the Risk of Relocation 2

Using Test Fits to Reduce the Risk of Relocation 3


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We strive to empower our clients to make the best possible decisions for their company every step of the way. Test fits prove to be an extremely important and foundational step in our commercial interior design process. When done properly, they help ensure our clients find a space that meets their needs, before signing a lease agreement.

Interested in learning more about whether or not your organization is in need of a test fit before your big move? Reach out to us here. We’d love to hear more!

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