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5 Ways to Create an Instagram Friendly Office Space

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As interior designers and architects, we constantly think about balancing creativity with workplace productivity. And recently, we had the idea of incorporating a corner of the office for business promotion on Instagram in a fun and approachable way for both employees and visitors.

We see these backdrops in Indy all the time on social media — such as the “_ndy” sign at the Indianapolis International Airport or the “I Love You So Much” wall at Punch Bowl Social — and it got us wondering: What makes these backdrops work? Why are they so inviting? How could they be duplicated in the office?

After some more thought, we put together these five ideas of how to create an Instagram-friendly corner in your office:

1. Incorporate a Backdrop That Can Be Regularly Changed

Designate one wall in your office to be the “Instagram backdrop” and be open to it changing regularly. That could mean rotating pops of bright colors, decorating for the holidays or themed-events, swapping out splashes of fun wallpaper, etc.

Paint a Chalkboard Wall

2. Paint a Chalkboard Wall

Paint one wall in your office with chalkboard paint, in order to create a canvas for your employees to create something new each day. You can prompt your team with questions every week, outline a frame to take photos inside, or decorate for the holidays. Include a hashtag each time the chalk wall changes so everyone can follow along on what’s being shared.

3. Create a Display Area in Your Office to Showcase Vendors or Clients

We work with reps in such industries as furniture, carpeting, and lighting who often visit our office to showcase their new product. Who comes in your office or who do you serve? How could you set up a station to display their products or give them a little love on Instagram, while sharing something relevant with your audience.

Install a Living Plant Wall

4. Install a Living Plant Wall

Seek inspiration from Instagram HQ itself and install a living plant wall at your office. Add a pop of color with furniture in front of the greenery to invite people into the space. Bonus: Plants are proven to help employees feel more creative, productive and happier in the workplace.

Design a Mural

5. Design a Mural

If your office space allows for it — and especially if you are in a high-traffic area — consider hiring a local artist to design a mural on the exterior of your building or maybe somewhere inside your commercial office space. The design could be something relevant to your industry, while also drawing people in to take photos. Include your Instagram handle and a hashtag so you can see when people take photos and post, then reshare on your account.

When giving yourself the creative freedom to design something fun in your workplace, especially if it’s for social media, there are a few key elements to keep in mind:

Be memorable + grab someone’s attention

Take this chance to make a bold statement and create something that will stand out to your employees and visitors.

Incorporate your company’s mission

What makes your business unique? Use your mission statement as inspiration and transform it into something visual that can be shared on Instagram.

Make it customizable

Because your business changes over time — whether it be your vision, brand, team, etc., — it’s important to create an Instagrammable space that can grow and change with your company. A customizable wall will also offer room for more creative flexibility!

. . .

Do you have an Instagrammable space at your office? We’d love to see it! Tag us on Instagram @carsondesignassociates to show off your space, and we’ll keep you updated on our journey to a new or renovated workplace.

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