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Bringing New Life to Two-Story Atrium

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With a need to implement new standards and update their space, this corporate client engaged Carson Design Associates to reimagine 86,000 square feet of space — bringing new life to a two-story atrium and incorporating administrative space, social hub, and open-collaboration spaces. The finished social hub now infuses a variety of seating and meeting spaces, including open office workspaces for group collaboration and private booths for focused work.

From the onset of this project, the client posed a challenging assignment to preserve the atrium’s integration within the building, while also increasing the usability of the space. In response, the Carson Design Indianapolis and Texas offices collaborated cross-functionally to value engineer elements from phase one into phase two — including the utilization of exterior ceilings from the former project — to reduce the cost of labor, trim material, finishing of ceiling and tidying of cables. Specific design additions included the implementation of:

  • Cascading lights to connect the first and second floors.
  • Agile working environment through the addition of various collaborative spaces and limited assigned workspaces, along with no designated offices.
  • Pedestrian path from an exterior entry point to define a clear path of travel for those walking through the building.
  • Two-story mural to bring the entire space to life, add more light and brightness.
  • Optically-illusioned floating conference room that allows people to experience the atrium from the second floor.

See more images below and please let us know how we can help with your next collaborative space.


Bringing New Life to Two-Story Atrium 1 Bringing New Life to Two-Story Atrium 2 Bringing New Life to Two-Story Atrium 3 Bringing New Life to Two-Story Atrium 4 Bringing New Life to Two-Story Atrium 5

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