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Designing a Work Cafe Employees Will Actually Use

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The current workforce is increasingly demanding a healthier workplace environment where they feel safe, positive and motivated to do good work. Minor improvements within the workplace can produce employees who are highly engaged and more productive, resulting in greater loyalty, retention and overall company profits.

One trend we continue to see on the rise is the integration of work cafes. No longer are office breakrooms serving as simply a place to grab lunch and a cup of coffee. Rather, the work cafe functions more like a coffee shop than a breakroom and provides a space for collaboration, impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions. Think of work cafes as a “third place space” where collaboration thrives, conversations spark and spontaneous dialogue occurs.

Here are four elements of a work cafe to consider when designing your office:

1. Accommodate Multiple Ways of Working

Take into consideration all of the different types of work your employees engage in, and design a space that accommodates these settings. This approach gives your employees the power of choice to decide where and how they want to work. There could be a space for meeting, for socializing, and for individual working. Alternative work spaces are proven to boost productivity and happiness levels.

Kashi - Designing Work Cafe Kashi

2. Offer Standing Areas

Work cafes are an opportunity for employees to take a break from sitting all day, and switch up their environment. Providing areas in the cafe that mimic standing desks with outlets will be much appreciated by your employees.

Officeworks - Designing Work CafeOfficeworks

3. Be intentional About Your Color Choices

Colors can have a large effect on the mood and overall tone of a space. Two colors that are strongly associated with wellness are blue and green. See how you can incorporate these color tones into the design of your work cafe for enhanced productivity and a rejuvenating effect on employees.

Lockerbie Lofts - Designing Work CafeLockerbie Lofts

4. Integrate Technology

Bringing technology to your work cafe allows anyone to work as individuals or groups in this open and collaborative space. Provide outlets for access to power, presentation equipment, and WiFi.

Accenture Interactive - Designing Work CafeAccenture Interactive

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At Carson Design Associates, we believe in building possibilities using great design that shapes how your teams collaborate, which ultimately impacts your bottom line. Designing an intentional work cafe has the potential to build trust, encourage a new sense of belonging and increase productivity for your employees.

Does your office have a work cafe? How do your employees utilize it? We’d love to learn from you in the comments below! And if you’re interested in learning more about how to design a work cafe in your office, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

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