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How to Create a Workplace That Supports New Ideas

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As the workplace continues to evolve, flexibility and mobile workplaces are becoming more and more popular among the growing workforce. Fixed hours and static office environments with little room for collaboration are phasing out of workplace trends.

Here are several ways to be more intentional about creating opportunities and spaces that foster new ideas.

Create Designated and Collaborative Spaces

Show your employees that you are open and accepting of innovation by creating designated spaces where employees can be creative. Design spaces that offer collaborative environments and support ideation and community.

Creating opportunities for healthy collisions in the workplace can result in generating new ideas, expanding what it means to think creatively, and fostering stronger community between employees from different departments and levels within the company.

Support Flexibility in the Workplace

Support Flexibility in the Workplace

Flexibility in the workplace has the potential to drive innovation by allowing employees to feel empowered to leave their desk, work from different areas in the office, and take time away from their daily grind to talk to someone new or work on different projects. By designing an office space that allows employees to work in different settings, you can increase the chances of new ideas being born.

Encourage Movement

Physically moving and mixing up your workplace environment inspires impromptu conversations, brainstorming sessions and cross-pollination of people, information and ideas. Embracing mobility allows employees to choose the most effective place from which to work at any given time, resulting in more productive employees and increased opportunities for new ideas.

Ask for Employee Input

It’s important to give employees a voice in the design process instead of assuming what design elements will work best for your team. Some may prefer open and collaborative spaces, while others may want their own private desk or room. Your employees may also have opinions on lighting, temperature and artwork — all of which could have an impact of their levels of productivity and ability to innovate. Asking for opinions and offering a customized environment for your employees instills a sense of ownership and pride of the workplace.

Trust Fuels Innovation

Leaders of organizations must not only design workplaces that support new ideas, but then also trust their employees to use the spaces as a way to increase productivity and innovation. It’s important to create a culture where employees feel comfortable with leaving their desk and utilizing the open and collaborative environments, so that they don’t become wasted space.

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Using design to create a creative workplace is successful when you also foster a culture that supports flexibility, mobility and trust. As workplace trends continue to shift, it’s critical to adapt your workplace to meet the needs, attract and retain forward-thinking employees.

What design elements have you incorporated into your workplace tho supports new ideas? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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