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Rightsizing, Redefining and Refreshing Kroger Gardis & Regas in Downtown Indianapolis

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Kroger Gardis & Regas, LLP
111 Monument Circle
Suite 900
Indianapolis, IN 46204


13,367 square feet


April 2017


Overlooking Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis, the law offices of Kroger Gardis & Regas (KGR) always boasted an epic view of Lady Victory; however, its outdated layout no longer capitalized on its location or size. In response, Carson Design Associates revamped the interiors to refresh the look and feel of the firm’s ninth floor.

Initially, we considered moving the offices to a completely new location, even conducting a few test fits at various downtown locations. But in the end, the consensus was to keep the offices in place and right size the space, consolidating everyone onto one floor.

As part of the redesign, our team modernized the aesthetic, maintained office size consistency, promoted the views, and enhanced the technology. We also updated meeting spaces to a more modern look that also blended with existing traditional elements. Additionally, we selected clean lines and simple materials to play nicely off the traditional wood moldings and furnishings, and we replaced all library shelving and law journals with access to monitors in collaborative spaces.

In the office spaces, we replaced overall finishes with classical, textured materials, complementing the individual attorney’s offices. And we created more internal synergy by enlarging the gathering space/kitchen area.

Throughout the project, our challenge was maintaining a cohesive look and brand to launch the firm forward, while respecting its lineage. Selective areas of expenditure were paramount in the success of the project focusing on the high impact items for function and appearance.

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How did the remodel work from a logistical standpoint? Did people need to relocate during the work?

“KGR occupied the eighth and ninth floor, so employees simply moved downstairs while we remodeled the top floor. That’s pretty rare and usually isn’t that easy of a remodel. Typically, people must share offices while their offices get remodeled, and you have to take into account phasing. But we didn’t have to do any of that on this project. They had the luxury of occupying the entire floor below them.”


Since this project was a remodel, as opposed to a complete renovation, how did you stay consistent with the aspects of the office that were unchanged?

“We ordered samples of what they currently have to make sure the new would match the old. You have to make sure you have on hand all the samples of everything that’s staying, and then you take that into account when you’re picking the new finishes. We also walked through the space and recorded the specs of each office and collected photos. Once we did that for every office, we could see from a higher level what the look and feel of the office was, and find a happy medium in new remodeled aspects that would keep everyone happy.”


What was the process of employee interaction during the remodel? How did you manage downsizing offices?

“Every single person who had their office downsized got personal one-on-one time with our design staff, where we focused on the new size of their office and what their furniture needs would be. It’s ideal if you can meet with the actual end user. We gave them a choice in what furniture they were getting, instead of being left out in the dark. It was great to see how each person customized their office.”


Aside from remodeling the offices, did you update any other part of the office?

“Yes! We completely revamped the lobby and kitchen, giving those two areas a more playful vibe. The kitchen, which previously consisted of three separate rooms, is now one big open space with a bright blue wall. The finished product is much more welcoming and inviting, and colleagues can now eat lunch together family style. In the lobby, we redid the desk and took out the wing walls so you can actually see out of the space. Now, instead of their walls blocking the view, there’s a transparent lattice wall panel. You still have a traffic pattern and some transparency, but you can also see out to Monument Circle.”

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