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What the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year Means for Interior Design

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After scouring the world for trends in fashion, interior design, and technology and analyzing global consumer dispositions, Pantone Color Institute announced its Color of the Year for 2017:  Greenery (15-0343 TCX), stating that the shade:

“[provides] us with the hope we collectively yearn for amid a complex social and political landscape. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate, revitalize, and unite, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another, and a larger purpose.”

And while we all yearn for more unity in our world, it’s yet to be seen how powerful the color can actually be in modifying moods. Here are some thoughts on how it might play out and impact the interior design industry.

Greenery Helps to Bring Nature Indoors

According to this article by, adding Pantone’s Greenery to interior spaces—either as a splash of color or as an accent furnishing—will create the illusion of bringing the outdoors inside and thereby “improve self- esteem, reduce anxiety and heighten awareness of one’s surroundings.”

And D’Marge agrees, projecting green to spring up more and more in 2017—in works of art, plant life, and textiles—as we seek to add new freshness to our interiors.

The Impact of Adding “Greenery” to the Workplace

We all could use a little energy boost at work. Can Greenery be the color therapy we need to make us more productive, efficient, and creative within the workplace? This article by Quartz mentions recent research by Human Spaces that indicates it might just have the power to do so.

Thoughts on the Color’s Cultural Significance

Can one color impact culture? Perhaps. At the least, as this Fast Company article indicates, it can reflect a culture’s current state, embodying the feelings of hope and fear we face in the lives we lead.

And it can certainly evoke a response within the public. In this New York Times column, the writer shares how it took only a matter of minutes after Pantone’s announcement for retailers to start promoting their brands and products in Greenery tone.

Greenery’s Complementary Colors in Interior Design

The elevation of one hue to Color of the Year status created opportunities for other colors to surface. Within Pantone’s announcement, the color “mogul” shared a variety of hues that soon may complement Greenery throughout interior spaces in 2017.

Carson Design on Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year

Tara Schneider:  I just saw their Instagram reveal video this morning – so cool! Looks like the designers working on the Elanco projects made some good color choices this year with those greens!

Liz Sutton:  I envision using it for my next dinosaur costume . . .

Kelly Lea:  I like it. It is a very “fresh” color. Way better than the mauve Pantone selected a couple years ago. I see this being used to represent the outdoors for clients who do not have the opportunity to have windows. This color will bring the outside in.


What do you think? Like the color? Did Pantone make the right choice? Let us know in the comments section below.

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