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What We’re Working On Today:  Elanco Office Renovation

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2500 Innovation Way
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Alison McCully
Interior Designer + Project Manager




February 2017


With a need for increased occupancy and employee efficiency, Elanco—a division of Eli Lilly and Company—engaged Carson Design Associates in 2016 to redesign the ground floor of Building D on its five-building campus, in addition to the complete renovation of Building B’s corporate lobby, coffeehouse, and conference center.

The company, which develops and markets products to improve animal health and protein production, also initiated a global brand redesign in 2015 that further necessitated a refresh of its office space. Overall, the office space exudes a strong rural feel that, while effectively connecting with its agricultural-heavy customer base, still stands apart from Lilly’s brand. Elanco wanted more cohesion with its parent company to better link the two brands and incorporate the Integrated Workplace (IWP) office environment.

In spring 2016, Carson Design completed Phase I of the project—a 30,000 square feet renovation of office space on Building D’s second floor. And presently, Carson Design is progressing through Phase II, which involves the full integration of IWP throughout the space and the creation of “The Elanco Experience” in the site’s expanded lobby, as well as working alongside Elanco’s preferred branding partner—HOK Visual Communications—to incorporate a full branding package.

Alison McCully, interior designer and project manager at Carson Design Associates, further explains the projects below.

How will occupants utilize the space?

“When visitors enter the space through the main lobby, they’ll be greeted by the new Elanco Experience that integrates the new branding styles and tells the company’s story through strong colors and engaging graphics.

From there, the brand story continues on large branding graphics in the newly renovated conference center, which offers guest and employees ample space for large meetings. With the conference center, we specifically incorporated a refresh of building materials that reflect the new global brand image and added soft versatile seating arrangements.

Adjacent to the conference center, visitors and employees can purchase beverages and to-go breakfast items at a warm, inviting coffeehouse. And once a week, Elanco will transition this space into an after-hours bar, offering employees a familiar and convenient location to socialize with coworkers over adult beverages.

Beyond that, our office redesign decisions sought to improve productivity and workplace satisfaction. We followed the IWP guidelines and incorporated five different types of work zones. Because many of their staff work remotely, we strategically calculated mobility ratios for their stations and designed layouts for resident and agile workstations, small to large collaborative work spaces, and loose seating. We also integrated larger, yet quieter, social hubs. The new hubs will help mitigate excessive volume in and near the private work spaces. And soon, when mobile employees come into the office, they’ll have multiple workspace locations from which to choose—from workstations, to focus booths, to soft seating options.”


Was there any facility and move management support needed with this project?

“Yes, Jen Scherr from our workplace strategy team—coordinated a temporary relocation of all first floor employees to another site, including the movement of all phones, computers, lockers, etc. With this project, as they do in many of their projects, Lilly contracted CBRE to handle the project management. And so Jen worked directly with them to coordinate all staff relocation specifics.”

How is Elanco’s brand reflected in the space?

“All Elanco guests first visit Building B, so the new branding will be quite expressive here. We want people—once they walk through the door and security checkpoint—to immediately know Elanco’s story. Then, as visitors walk through the campus, we want to remind them of Elanco’s core values and mission statement through imagery and words. We’ll also be leveraging the new brand’s five colors. During Phase I, we stuck with blue and green as our primary colors and added a large-scale carpet pattern to the floor. Now in Phase II, we just reversed that. So where blue was in Phase I, it will now be green on the carpet and floor, with accents of teal and magenta throughout.

Also, with this particular project, it’s been fun to work with the HOK Visual Communications team. It’s exciting to see what they come up with, and then find ways to craft the space with their creations.”


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