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Designing a Better Community … One Girl Scout at a Time

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Being an interior design firm, it can be easy to assume that the Carson Design team only dreams about life inside four walls. But the reality is that we believe some of the best ideas can be found while exploring life and serving needs outside the office.

In fact, we strongly encourage our staff to find and assist organizations with which they most align—not on their own time, but on ours. And we offer each employee eight hours per year to volunteer throughout the workweek.

We just think it’s the right thing to do. It helps the community, helps the employees, and helps our clients by the work we produce in the end. It’s a win-win-win.

Recently, Linde Gouge—one of our interior designers—took some time away from the office to volunteer with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana.

For one week, she served as a unit leader for a group of 30 girls at Camp Dellwood in Indianapolis. It’s a place Linde’s all too familiar. She grew up in the Girl Scouts—with her mom volunteering as a leader back then—and even attended the same camp as a child.

But more than the family ties, Linde sees the Girl Scouts as instrumental in making her into who she is today. Girl Scouts mean the world to Linde because it helped form a foundation as a young girl that extends through adulthood today.

And it created and nurtured relationships that would last a lifetime. As Linde puts it:

“Some of my closest friends and supporters are the girls I met in Girl Scouts. Even today, I’m able to volunteer with a friend—Melinda Wiggins—who I met 22 years ago while working for the Central Indiana resident camp. Our bond is priceless and was formed as young adults, fostering the Girl Scout mission in young girls.”


And now it’s her time to return the favor by helping—alongside Melinda—to lay the groundwork for her own daughter and other girls in Central Indiana. Simply put, Linde is now personifying the Girl Scout’s mission of “building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.”

We’re grateful to have her back in the office, but even more excited about Linde’s impact on the next generation of Girl Scouts.


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