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5 Tips + Tricks for Using Color in Personal Workspaces

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Being in a creative industry during the most “customizable” age in history, many members of the new working generation reflect the desire to express ourselves through our surroundings. This is often very easy to accomplish within our homes or through wardrobe and personal accessories, but many people come to a halt when deciding how to personalize their space within a work setting. This challenge is often made more difficult given the trends of clean, modern, impersonal workspaces designed for mobile workers with little attachment to the space around them.

The following list will consider color as a key component for developing your personality at work.

Workplace Accessories

The workplace may not be able to change, but your personal effects can! This idea works for both mobile and stationary workers due to the broad range of possibilities. Anything from a picture frame to paper clips can turn a blank slate into your own space, so keep them in your locker so any desk can feel like your own or use them to ‘decorate’ your permanent space. The important thing is to make sure to display them, not hoard them, the beauty is in the visuals.


Mood Influencers

Color has the ability to impact your mood  — positively or negatively.  Consider maybe a small/portable lamp with different settings, for example one that could be blue to help soothe and orange to inspire. In the same fashion, don’t be afraid to change up the décor depending on the time of year. Consider using brighter, lighter colors like green and yellow to brighten up the winter, and blue and violet to cool down your summers. A great trick: clipboards! Easy to change, store and move, and cheap! Don’t forget plants, either!  They improve the air, keep you connected to the outdoors and instantly add color.


Desktop Backgrounds

Although it may seem cliché, a simple change like your desktop background can create a much more personal experience or brighten your day.  Don’t neglect the small things — I like to change mine every season or so to keep my inspired, refreshed or just to put a smile on my face.


DIY Design

There is just something about doing it yourself that makes every finished product better, and that even goes for your workspace. Consider wallpapering your cubicle with your favorite fabrics, colored paper or photos in a creative but tasteful way. Think of it like a room in your home, NOT like a busy hallway bulletin board.  Also try color-coding your things. It will serve double duty as decoration as well as organization.


Pops of Color

Regardless of where, how, or to what extent, don’t be afraid to add that crazy bright pop of color or that bigger-than life pattern. In today’s fast-paced, minimalist society, it is the small changes like a sunny yellow frame or a bright blue chair that make a space feel like yours. So don’t fear the drama, embrace it; in the end, it may be what keeps you coming back.


From a young age, we use color as a primary way to express our feelings and personality. It has also been proven that color can significantly alter our mood, energy and body’s daily cycle. So my advice to you is this: pick a color, grab a few items, and MAKE THE SPACE YOURS!

Stay tuned until next time, where I will address color within the social workplace!

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