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Are you ready for April 1st?

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Two years ago when I became an owner, I had to readjust my thinking to be longer term and more strategic.  One thing that has really helped me to accomplish this and work closer toward some of those long terms goals are my 90 day action plans.

This past Friday, I took some time to reflect on Q1 and think about this next quarter and what my goals will be.  By simply committing five goals to paper, I am essentially marking it down in my mind with emphasis as well.  I always find it gratifying when I review the previous quarter’s plan.  I typically find that I have accomplished more than I thought as I tend to dwell on “what I haven’t accomplished”.  This feeling of accomplishment is priceless in the role of ownership or leadership when very few items we accomplish have specific completion points.

I’m ready for April 1st to continue working on a couple items that I didn’t quite get wrapped up from Q1 and get started on three new goals!

So as you start out 2nd quarter, I challenge you to pick 5 things you’d like to accomplish.  Write them down with a simple strategy of how you want to achieve them.  Then decide on a small reward for yourself if you make it.  I hope you will be as amazed as I am with the steady progress on things you otherwise never get to or make a priority.

Julie Berry leads the Indiana offices of Carson Design—a 19-year journey that has grown from her initial role as a designer, to operations, to majority owner and Indiana President. Julie’s endless curiosity drives her to solve problems, create connections, and unravel the most complex of puzzles. While engaged in daily operations and providing overall direction for the Indiana office, she has the opportunity to put her problem-solving skills to work with her team, providing clients with unique, thoughtful design solutions. Julie is a graduate of Indiana State University with a BS, Interior Design/Architectural Drafting and BS in Business Administration.

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