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5 Critical Questions when Developing a Workplace Strategy

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1. What are your corporate mission, vision and goals?

Clearly defining your objectives, such as trying improve collaboration and communication, reduce real estate costs, build a workplace community, or perhaps respond efficiently and effectively to churn, will be aligned with your mission and vision to develop a workplace strategy

2. Are there any initiatives that have or will change how or where work is performed?

New technologies, new work processes or changes in work flow, organizational restructuring, lease expiration, mergers and acquisitions are all major changes that warrant examining a workplace strategy to better meet the new realities.

3. How your space is being utilized?

Conducting a Space Utilization Study paints a clear picture of what space is being used, how many people are using the space and when it’s being used. The data is analyzed to determine whether the current space is efficient and effective in supporting how you work.

4. What type of work is being performed?

Recognizing the various modes of work and behaviors – focus, collaboration, learning and socializing – will help to respond with the right mix of space types and work settings to best support your team.

5. What is important to the employees?

Workplace is about people. The space can be optimized, but in the end the design is for the individuals who are using the spaces. Investing in understanding your workforce will help attract and retain talent.



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