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Each year, competing teams of local Interior Designers in Austin, Texas are given the chance to use their creativity to give back to the community through rEvolution reDesign, an event sponsored by the IIDA Austin City Center.

Each team is given an 8×8 space to redesign using recycled and upcycled materials and furniture. The teams are paired with fabric, carpet and upholstery vendors to round out their room. The finished rooms are judged on creative and practical criteria and winners are awarded. After the competition is over, all the completed rooms are donated to area families in need through the Social Design Alliance.

This year, Carson Design Associates (CDA) was assigned a master bedroom. The CDA Austin team along with Arc-Com, Mohawk Carpet, and Standard Textiles worked together to incorporate repurposed materials and furnishings in unique and functional ways.

The concept for our master bedroom project is inspired by the familiar saying, “Make new friends, but keep the old”. The definition of upcycling is to reuse a product in a way that enhances the original value. What better way to reuse a piece than to keep its original character and enhancing it by adding something new! Elements such as a 100 year old headboard mixed with a new mirror, intermingling new and vintage finishes and fixtures, and creating a unique light fixture that mixes an old bicycle tire with a new light are just a few examples of this concept reflected in our space. Our goal was to create a fun, functional and inspiring retreat that makes one appreciate the present as well as the past.

Although Carson Design Associates did not score the winning design, the room received positive responses from everyone at the event. The bicycle tire light fixture and headboard were the clear favorite elements of the space. Overall, the experience was intense while still being fun; and nothing can beat designing for a great cause and enjoying an evening together with old friends, and new friends.

Pictured below from left to right : Kari Nave (CDA), Nicole Kornegay (CDA), Trey with Mohawk, Ingrid with Standard Textiles, Ashley Sullivan (CDA), Holly Thames (CDA), Lori with Arc-com, Dara Conway (CDA), and Katie Nowicki (CDA).


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