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Tabitha Vachon joined Carson Design Associate as Facility Designer. Growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Tabitha thought she wanted to be a doctor until exploring the arts and taking an interior design class in college. She then studied Interior Design for three years at Purdue University-Fort Wayne, where she continues to pursue completion of her Bachelor’s of Science. At Carson Design, Tabitha focuses on move coordination, reconfigurations and integrative workplaces, specifically onsite at Eli Lilly.

Tabitha believes that designing goes beyond how something looks into how people feel within a space and how that space affects their productivity, mood and overall well-being. It’s this passion for making a positive impact on people’s lives that drives her in her work.

Outside of work, Tabitha can be found sewing, painting, traveling, and fulfilling family traditions, such as seeing the Santa lighting in Fort Wayne each year on the day before Thanksgiving. She also loves treating her cat Kennedy like royalty.



“Excellent administrators, unsurpassed at managing things – or people.”