Jack Carson

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Jack Carson believes you should never stop improving.

As the President of Carson Design Associates’ Texas offices, Jack plays an active role in projects, while providing the high-level direction setting that has helped the firm become an industry leader in thoughtful, cutting-edge design.

“I feel that oftentimes, if something seems to be working, people will stick with it. I believe that we can always make things better,” Jack says. “At Carson Design Associates, we have built a great team and created an environment that isn’t static–it’s ever-evolving. I am proud to be the fire behind that.”

Since he founded the company in Carmel, Indiana in 1991, Carson Design Associates has expanded their services to include interior design, architecture, facilities management support, systems furniture planning and specification, and building information modeling (BIM).

Jack received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Environmental Design from Ball State University. After graduating, he worked at a series of firms, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. This inspired him to open Carson Design Associates, where he could build upon those strengths.

Jack has a knack for creative problem-solving, and he has been recognized as a pioneer in collaborative workplace design. With over 30 years of experience, he now speaks in engagements across the country about the use of technology in interior design, architecture, and commercial office furniture.

With a client list that includes Accenture, Allsteel, Charles Schwab, Conseco, Eli Lilly & Company, Herman Miller Inc., Ingersoll Rand, Rolls-Royce, Samsung, and USAA, Carson Design Associates has become sought-after by corporations with complex workplace challenges. They now have offices in Indianapolis, Austin, and San Antonio.