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Designing a Work Cafe Employees Will Actually Use

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The current workforce is increasingly demanding a healthier workplace environment where they feel safe, positive and motivated to do good work. Minor improvements within the workplace can produce employees who are highly engaged and more productive, resulting in greater loyalty, retention and overall company profits. One trend we continue to see on the rise is

How to Create a Workplace That Supports New Ideas

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As the workplace continues to evolve, flexibility and mobile workplaces are becoming more and more popular among the growing workforce. Fixed hours and static office environments with little room for collaboration are phasing out of workplace trends. Here are several ways to be more intentional about creating opportunities and spaces that foster new ideas. Create

The Power of Natural Light in the Workplace

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Studies continue to show that sunshine and natural light in the workplace are vital to the overall health and well-being of employees. Artificial light and lack of windows increase stress levels, negatively impact sleep and heighten the chance of depression, and research shows that physical work environment leads the way to employees feeling happy at

Mentoring the Next Generation of Carson Designers

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Curiosity stands as one of the core values at Carson Design. To us, it’s the endless desire to know and learn more; to always be asking questions and determining if there is a “better way.” And it’s something we encourage our staff to live out. Two of our interior designers — Hilary Jensen and Cynthia

How to Bring the Human Touch Into the Workplace

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It’s no secret that today’s employees are seeking workplaces that are open, collaborative and flexible. Happiness in the workplace is strongly affected by the office environment. Creating a positive, safe and healthy office space increases morale, improves work-life balance, enhances talent attraction and retention, and has an overall positive impact on your business. Employees are

Exploring Wireless Lighting Technology in Your Office Space

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In May 2018, ESL Spectrum graciously hosted me as their guest for the LIGHTFAIR International show at McCormick Place in Chicago. The event welcomes designers, architects, engineers, and lighting representatives and showcases the latest interior, exterior, decorative, and wireless lighting designs by lighting manufacturers. While exploring the many artistic and tech-advanced lighting designs showcased at

Our Reading List for 2018

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It’s our annual goal to take on reading that galvanizes us in our designs. As we settle into 2018, we’re focusing in on two titles. We believe they can motivate your team and inspire your work as well – feel free to read along with us! Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done In this

Transforming Workspaces With the GSA Team in Atlanta

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In April 2015, the General Services Administration (GSA) team in Atlanta approached Carson Design Associates with an interesting challenge: Reduce 275,000 square foot office space to 110,000 square feet — lowering their utilization rate to 136 square feet per person. The project came in response to GSA’s Total Workplace Furniture & Information Technology (FIT) program,

Top Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2018

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We are living in a time of incredible technological advancements, allowing for interior designers to flex their creativity to a wide range of possibilities. New design innovations will allow us to disrupt traditional workplace trends and introduce more dynamic and engaging spaces. Below, we’ve outlined the top five design trends to look for in 2018:

When Collisions in the Workplace are a Positive Experience + How to Create More of Them

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When we talk about collisions in the workplace, we aren’t talking about interpersonal accidents or physical damage. We’re referring to an unexpected collision of ideas and people. We’re talking about chance meetings that encourage team members to connect in ways that wouldn’t happen on a normal work day. These types of collisions often result in